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Step Progressions: Ronds de Jambe en l’air

As part of training dancers we look to find movements that build up, getting a little harder with each graduation. Most steps have a natural to get further, doing the step in the air perhaps, adding in a double or triple. Other moves can be a little harder to spot what moves can come from this simple step. Today I'm examining the Ronds de Jambe en L'air step that is most common done at the barre.

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Running Event Purge

During my 2020 running goals post this year, I mentioned that I was planning on doing less events this coming year. This seems very counterintuitive to what many others are doing. Especially during the colder winter weather we're currently experience. I'm sure many of you have been looking into all the summer races you've got… Continue reading Running Event Purge

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Run Training: Give Yourself a Break

At the moment, many runners are out there getting in all their training sessions. But if you aren't that dedicated to your plan, it's alright. It isn't the end of the world to be skipping training runs. We've all heard the running with illness advice, if it's above the neck you're fine, below the neck… Continue reading Run Training: Give Yourself a Break

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Dance Exam Checklist

Taking exams in your dance education is really important, not just because it gives you something to work towards. One of the best reasons for taking exams is the attitude that it can foster within students. By taking exams they are more willing to learn and to really get top marks they will want to… Continue reading Dance Exam Checklist