@ Filwood Community Centre, South Bristol

A new purpose built dance studio has been created at Filwood Community Centre and I am so glad to announce that I am able to rent out the space and use it as a setting for a few evenings of dance!

The space is lovely, having full length mirrors along one whole side, as well as plenty of windows overlooking the courtyard, and it’s own sink for when we need extra water. I’ll be using the space initially for a variety of classes, both for children, teens and adults, in the hope of getting the local community up and dancing.

This is also my first solo venture, which is super exciting! See below the poster for more information about each class.

Tuesdays 4:15-6:00 – Junior Stage School (6-15) [£5 termly/£6 pay as you go]

Join a group of budding stage performers in this 1 hour 45 minute class, where we’ll be singing, acting and dancing. In order to prepare us for a career on stage or as a bit of upbeat fun. We’ll vary the styles we do and each term we’ll be looking at a different musical, before working our way towards the IDTA examination syllabus in Theatre Craft and Musical Theatre.

This class is appropriate for anyone between 6-14 years of age. Book online at: https://bookwhen.com/radancefitness

Thursdays 4:00-4:45 – Ballet Kids (4-7) [£4.50 termly/£5.50 pay as you go]

The perfect class for children aged between 4-7 years old to explore the world of ballet. This class focuses on buildings their classical ballet technique, through imaginative games and use of props. We’ll also begin to work towards the IDTA ballet syllabus. Book online at: https://bookwhen.com/radancefitness
Thursdays 4:45-5:30 – Junior Lyrical Jazz (6-10) [£4.50 termly/£5.50 pay as you go]

A great class for anyone with a good dance foundation looking to learn routines that really express the music. Lyrical is a style that combines both Modern Jazz and Ballet technique to create smooth flowing routines. Book online at: https://bookwhen.com/radancefitness

Thursday 5:30-6:15 – Teen Lyrical Jazz (11-16) [£4.50 termly/£5.50 pay as you go]

This is a step up from the Junior Lyrical Jazz class, where choreography will be taught a lot quicker. There will also be more emphasis on learning technique correctly and practicing hard to become the best lyrical dancers the students can be. Book online at: https://bookwhen.com/radancefitness

Thursdays 6:15-7:15 – Contemporary Jazz (6+) [£6 termly/£7 pay as you go]

This broad genre means the routines you learn can be very different from each other, whilst all being based on contemporary and Jazz technique, giving you a great taste of the industry at the moment, songs will include charts hits as well as new music you may not of heard of. We’ll be developing our jazz technique and learning choreography to some up tempo music. Book online at: https://bookwhen.com/radancefitness


If you are interested in any of these classes I encourage you to use this link to  book now, as that will register you for the desired class, although you can also contact me through the website contact page, or via email; radancefitness@gmail.com

Payments for all classes are taken at the first lesson of term, or at the start of each lesson, if paying each week.