Online Resources

While the country works through this global pandemic that is COVID-19. Many and probably eventually all dance schools will close down. In response to this I want to give as much as I can to you guys to help keep everyone dancing.

They in no way will replace any physical lessons, the space and resources available just simply aren’t great enough to facilitate that. But in some way I think this will help keep everyone’s enthusiasm for dance alive.

Below I’ve listed lots of resources from other providers that I’m planning to update as and when I can throughout this.

General Dance
– Create your own routines and send them to me ( I’d love to see them.
– Watch some musicals, Wind In The Willows have released their production online following theatre closures:
– Do some strength and conditioning work.
– Keep up your stretching.
– Practice any exam work or dances that you have been learning.
– Watch some dance movies: Step up, Flashdance, Happy Feet, La La Land, Streetdance, Footloose, etc. Add your favourite in the comments.
– Send your dance teacher 10 reasons as to why you love/miss dance!

Street Dance
– The BBC have a few resources on different street styles and how to incorporate this into choreography:

– This site hasn’t been updated in a while but there is quite an archive of videos to help keep you tapping. They are created by American tappers, so be warned some of the steps may have different names:
– Kai Scanlan a 16 time world champion for tap dance has also been live streaming a few tap classes on his instagram @kaiscanlan_ times have been varying but seem to be at about 3pm GMT a few days a week.

– For any littles out there another dance teacher has created a tumbling class for 5-8s that can be found on youtube:–j5KmkwvU&fbclid=IwAR3wTfppJhYia-Ei-SMWxu1vc3kjZZU2dx_EPsQOmypUg6JtzH8E1LXyi_o
– Acro bingo, this is right at the bottom of the page with three different versions depending on ability:
– On top of this Acrobatic Arts, the association I’m qualified through, have been doing a few instagram live sessions too. The schedules are all in EST, which means most of them are the middle of the night for us in the UK, but you are able to go back in a rewatch these live classes by clicking on their profile picture and selecting ‘Watch Live Video’.

– Some of these exercises won’t be possible under the circumstance but BalletBoyz have a lot of resources available:
– Another company with lots of resources is the Jasmine Vardimon Company:

– CBeebies put together a few behind the scenes about how they put on their ballets:
– There’s a lot of full classes being streamed and uploaded onto this facebook page to help keep you moving:
– English National Ballet have also been doing some live streaming on their Facebook page. Their Artistic Director Tamara Rojo has been leading class from her kitchen, these can be accessed through their Facebook video page:
– Another live streaming option for Ballet dancers is Sander Blommaert on Instagram, who was the first artist for the Royal Ballet. He’s been live streaming everyday at 11am GMT and again you can watch it back at a later time if you wanted.

Dance Puzzles/Colouring
– Inclusive Colouring:
– Ballroom styles wordsearch:
– Animals Dancing Colouring Pages:
Dance Styles wordsearch:

Hopefully I’ve covered them all. I had to rewrite the whole thing when my website host chose not to save it! I’ll be updating fairly regularly to give everyone more things to do during this uncertain period. Just be kind throughout the whole thing. Many dance teachers are currently facing very hard decisions, we don’t know when we’re going to next be able to run classes, and as such don’t really know how we’re going to be paid.

All the resources above have been made available for free at some point in time.