@Withycombe Raleigh Primary School, Exmouth

Dance classes at Withycombe Raleigh Primary School, Exmouth


Classes at Withycombe Raleigh Primary School are in conjunction with Exe Dance Arts.


Fridays 3.30-4.15: *NEW AFTER EASTER 2018* Primary After-School Club

This club will be held at Withycombe Raleigh Primary School for any children who’d like to sing and dance. We’ll be dancing to popular songs from musicals and movies to help develop the children’s talent. I’ll aim to give the children a diverse range of styles that will be helpful for anyone wanting to perform on stage in the future. This class is for primary school aged children who are both new and a little experienced with dance.


Fridays 4.15-4.45: Senior Musical Theatre

Classes for students aged 14 and above who have a passion for song and dance. Singing along to musical classics, often the newer musicals that have upbeat dance routines like Bring it on. The students in this class have already achieved their stage 6 musical theatre award and our now working on maintaining and improving a high level of technique and performance. Each week we’ll be singing and dancing along to a great show tune as well as having fun with a few drama activities.


Fridays 4.45-5.45: Senior Freestyle

These classes are for more advanced dance students who have gained experience through their years of dance. The students in this class are above 15 years of age. The style of dance ranges throughout these classes between commercial, contemporary, lyrical and disco freestyle. Aiming to build flexibility and range within the dancers who take part, as well as allowing them to master tricks and skills that they can use in their own choreography.


If you’re interested in these classes be sure to contact myself through the website contact page or Jo Sexton from Exe Dance Arts: jodancesexton@yahoo.com