Tiny Acro

Thursday 4.10-4.55
Saturday 9.15-10.00
Saturday 10.15-11.00

This is our beginners class for those brand new to any kind of dancing or movement. We follow the Acrobatic Arts Pre-school syllabus which is perfect for setting children up to go into any performing genre they want to. We do a lot of singing, learn basic dance steps, building strength and stamina, as well as learning our foundation gymnastic skills. There’s a lot to cover but we have lots of games to play to make learning the step and terminology a lot of fun.

Main Benefits:
  • Builds Confidence
  • Works on motor skills
  • Develops co-ordination
  • Increases posture and flexibility

Each class is £5, and classes are paid by the half term. Currently we’re unable to offer trials due to social distancing and there being limited spaces available. All classes are at our Town Centre location, just behind the Strand.