Click on the venue below to find out more information about what I’m teaching at each of these locations!

3.30-4.00: Private Lesson
4.10-4.55: Tiny Acro
5.05-5.50: Acrobatic Dance (B)
6.00-6.45: Acrobatic Dance (C)
6.55-7.25: Grade 2 Tap

Fridays @ The Baptist Church, Exmouth
3.30-4.00: Private Lesson
Acrobatic Dance (A)
5.05-6.00: Senior Contemporary Jazz
6.10-6.55: Senior Street Dance
7.05-7.35: Senior Tap

Saturdays @ The Baptist Church, Exmouth
10.15-11.00: Tiny Acrobatic Dance
11.15-12.00: Junior Street Dance