Minis (6-7)

Our minis are students who are just starting to learn about good and bad technique, and how to implement that within their dancing. Many love dancing around the house and showing off their turns and tricks, and we love being able to teach them how to do these safely without too much risk of injury.

We have a few different classes on offer for our minis depending on what type of dancing they like best. They may even like everything! We have Acro, Street Dance and a Stretch and Flex classes available to help them with their passion for dance. At age 7 students will also be able to join our contemporary class which is a good place for anyone really thinking about pursuing a career in dance as it will building technique for leaps and turns.

We like to start off all students wanting to learn Acro in our Prep Acro class, as this is our beginners level class and will help us gauge which level they are ready for. Many of our 6-7yo will stay in this class for a year or two honing their skills before moving on up, a few may be moved up a little sooner to help them work on their pre-existing skill base.

The younger of this age range will be at the top end of our Stomping Street dance, allowing them to develop leadership skills and gain confidence in their dancing before the time comes to move up to our Junior Street Dance class.

Our stretch and flex class is a nice and relaxed way to end the week, and is especially for those students wanting to increase their flexibility. We introduce, and take the students through safe stretches and exercises that will help with their range of motion, without pushing them too far. While stretching can seem like a very simple thing to do, we’ve heard some horror stories about bad practice that will only lead to injury done too often. Progress can be slow, but we’d much rather have healthy happy dancer than dancers getting constantly injured due to how they’re stretching!

Classes Available

Monday – 4.30-5.15 – Junior Contemporary (From 7)
Monday – 5.15-6.00 – Junior Street Dance (From 7)
Thursday – 4.45-5.30 – Prep Acro
Thursday – 6.15-7.00 – Junior Street Dance (From 7)
Friday – 5.00-5.45 – Stretch and Flex
Saturday – 11.15-12.00 – Stomping Street Dance

All these classes are £5 for 45 minutes which is paid by the half term. Trials are available at limited times throughout the year for £10 for two weeks.