Juniors (8-11)

Juniors have the pick of the classes being able to join in with all the genres that we offer at RA Dance Fitness. Our juniors have passion for movement and our constantly wanting to learn more. We have classes in Acro, Tap, Street Dance and Contemporary, as well as our Stretch and Flex class to help students progress that little bit faster.

We split Acro by ability rather than age group, that way we know we are teaching the right skills to the right people which will mean less injuries and faster progress. Most Juniors will be in our Primary Acro group as this is a great place to learn technique for all basic skills which will be used in more advanced skills.

Junior Street Dance is great for those who just want to dance. We learn routines to pop songs all year round and only worry about having a good time. Students will also do a little bit of body conditioning within class to support their dancing, as well as working on being in time with the music. At points within the year, students will also help create a routine that they’ve choreographed putting in to practice all their dance skills they’ve been learning.

For those who want a little more challenge in their dancing, our contemporary class will be perfect. With a lot more kicks, leaps, and turns than other styles, technique is at the forefront of this class. Students will learn Contemporary Jazz technique, as well as routines in this great class.

Tap is a little bit different to all our other styles, with a big focus on musicality and rhythm. We like to flip the stereotype that Tap is old fashioned or (dare we say?) boring, opting for modern music setting dance routines to what’s in charts, and overall just having a good time making sounds with our shoes!

Classes Available

Monday – 4.30-5.15 – Junior Contemporary
Monday – 7.00-7.45 – Mixed Tap
Thursday – Various Time – Acro (Level Dependant) (Fully booked for 8-10 year olds)
Thursday – 6.15-7.00 – Junior Street Dance
Friday – 5.00-5.45 – Stretch and Flex