February Virtual Showcase

Hello and welcome to the show! This website page will stay up for the next 48hours, so if you don’t have time to view it this evening hopefully you can find another little slot sometime this weekend.

Some browser types may not let you view the video without a plug in – it is there I promise! So far I’ve found it doesn’t work on chrome too well as it doesn’t allow you to full screen the video.

The trailer will stay up until 7pm on Friday the 19th of February where it will update and become the full show. Play around with the trailer to make sure you’re in the right place and will be able to view the full show comfortably. The website does compress the video quality so if it seems a little blurry that’s likely to be what’s happening, it should still be good enough to view and enjoy.

Act One
Act Two

Well done to all the dancers involved with the show, and a big thank you to parents for letting them take over the house doing all their dancing!