@The Baptist Church, Exmouth

All Exmouth classes have been moved to a central location in Exmouth Town centre, to make it a little easier to coordinate bubbles and cleaning routines.

This great space has a nice studio feel with the mirror set up on one wall, without being too enclosed or too large. Class numbers are limited to ensure we have the right ventilation, and can have students in multiple classes within the same bubble of 15. You can have a copy of our full COVID risk assessment and what else has been put in place by emailing radancefitness@gmail.com and asking for a copy.

Full Timetable

This timetable was due to start January 2021 – we await a safe time to restart!

Lots of these classes are already booked up, as we’ve needed to reduce numbers due to the current COVID guidelines from the government, but if any of the classes stand out do get in contact, and as soon as we can have more students we will invite you in!

For more information get in contact using the contact page, find us on Facebook (RA Dance Fitness), or send us an email – radancefitness@gmail.com

We’ve been overwhelmed with the support and interest in our Acro classes and as a result will now be running 5 classes every week. Two classes for those 5 and under, and 3 classes for age 7+.

This popular class combines two different syllabi to ensure students are getting a well rounded experience of both dance and gymnastics. Primarily we work towards the IDTA Acro Dance syllabus, which is a brand new syllabus, as all our other classes use the same exam board, but we do also refer to the Acrobatic Arts syllabus to help students progress with skills and build up their strength to accomplish different tricks.

This is our beginners class for those brand new to any kind of dancing or movement. We follow the Acrobatic Arts Pre-school syllabus which is perfect for setting children up to go into any performing genre they want to. We do a lot of singing, learn basic dance steps, building strength and stamina, as well as learning our foundation gymnastic skills. There’s a lot to cover but we have lots of games to play to make learning the step and terminology a lot of fun.

We love this class for our older dancers as it’s the perfect place to learn technique as well as routines. This hour long class combines elements from Ballet, Lyrical, Freestyle, and Jazz to create wonderful flowing routines. You’ll never get bored of this style as we’re always switching up the tempo of the routines, but always working on perfecting those turns and leaps. Our Friday class is suitable for any dancer aged 10+. Within these classes we’ll also be working towards the IDTA Contemporary Modern Jazz syllabus which was last updated in 2021!

If there are any other style you want to learn more about send me a message via the contact page, or find us on Facebook (RA Dance Fitness). I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.