There are currently two ways you can be inspired to run, with RA Dance Fitness. The first is through buying one of our run training plans. These offer you structured sessions throughout your week, that will help you achieve your goal. Created by a Personal Trainer and Run Leader these plans focus on what’s important during your training. Building up from one level to the next slowly is the key to reducing injury, which is why learning from a trainer is superior to any free online plan, as they cannot be verified. With our plans, they will be hard work, but they will get you to your goal, whether that’s completing your first 5km, or beating a PB. All plans are £7.50, and can be viewed on our ETSY site. They’re downloadable, so just pop them on a laptop, phone, or tablet and take them anywhere.

If that isn’t enough for you, RA Dance Fitness is also offering bespoke online run training. These can be booked for 4 weeks at a time and include;

  • Initial goal setting
  • A tailor-made run plan
  • A weekly check in with your coach
  • Plan reassessment (if needed)
  • One weekly strength at-home work-out plan (optional)
  • Personalised advise with kit and injury prevention
  • End of plan review and goal assessment

By investing in bespoke training you’ll also have an increased sense of accountability, knowing that you’re trainer will be checking in on you, and greater knowledge about what works for you and what doesn’t.

To sign up for Online Run Training get in contact with us and set up your first consultation. Running can be a lonely sport, but having a trainer with you, either virtually or physically can be a real aid.