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Running Every Day (RED)

It’s the 15th of September, so halfway through the month. Throughout this month I’ve challenged myself to running everyday. Day 15 and I’m still going.

Many do this kind of challenge in January or to raise money for charity. But for me, this month, I’m doing this for me. Over summer I didn’t run very much, so I wanted to kick start that with a more regular running routine. I’ve eased off the pressure but increased the frequency and so far it’s working. I’ve already run more than I did during August and I’m starting to enjoy it.

To help keep this manageable I’ve set a few little boundaries. The minimum I have to run everyday is 2km, these don’t have to fast, they don’t even need to be outside, they could be on a treadmill. My plan is not to set any personal records, or push myself too hard on each run. If I don’t get the run done in the morning, I need to find another time to slot in the day to run.

15 days, 15 runs, and 15 more to go. My legs aren’t that tired, especially when you consider how little running I’d been doing before. So far, I’ve found that it is best to run with a regular schedule, but this only works if the rest of your life is regular. For me, the least hectic time is the morning, and can alway fit in a small run. However, I’m also more likely to just wake up and not feel like running. So slowly this challenge is helping my body want to run again.

I’m purely doing this to challenge myself, but it’s been pretty interesting noting a few changes that have happened to myself so far. To start with I’m becoming a lot more confident with running again, and more confident in my ability to run further distances. My thighs are also becoming a little bit stronger and more defined, either because of the increase in running or, the increase in cycling that I did over summer. Overall, I’m a little less tired too, which seems counterintuitive it running everyday has given me a little bit of a boost in energy throughout the day, knowing I’ve either done it or will be.

I’m hopeful that my mojo returns and that during the upcoming months I’ll be looking forward to training for my next block of races.

Have you ever completed a Running Every Day challenge? What was your experience? And do you have any tips?

Follow my journey over on Strava or Instagram (I will be posting more, I promise).

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