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Half Marathon Checklist

I think I’ve gone on about this long enough, but if you didn’t know this month I’m taking on my first big city Half Marathon, the Bath Half. This event has a later start time than many other running events that I’m not used to. Many of them usually start at 9:30 or 10, however this one will start at 11am. Which gives me plenty of time to stress about what things I have/haven’t brought with me. In order to help with this I thought it would be useful to put together a little list of things that I’ll need on the day, so I can refer back to it the morning off.

  1. A small bag to store items – Pretty self explanatory, but this will be left in the baggage area and I’ll be hoping to get it back after the race.
  2. Bike lock – I might be cycling to the event so having a lock for my bike will be a good shout!
  3. Cycling Kit – Hopefully I’d have this on before I left the house, but keeping it on the list should help me remember, including helmet.
  4. Running Shoes – I’m not planning on going barefoot!
  5. Running Kit – I’m still narrowing down which kit is the best kit to wear at the moment, as I’m struggling to find leggings that stay up during my longer runs, once I’ve found some I will commit to them on this kit list.
  6. Buff – It’s likely to be cold and I suffer from wind rash on my ears very easily so having a buff on at all times will be necessary.
  7. Trekz Air – I’m going to want to listen to music/podcasts throughout my whole run so I’ll need to use my bones conducting headphones. I just need to remember to charge them.
  8. Garmin – To record the run!
  9. Running Socks – This should help prevent any blisters.
  10. Comfy Socks – These will be for afterwards when I want to just change everything.
  11. Spare Clothes – In the event I don’t cycle to the event I’ll want another outfit to change into afterwards.
  12. Reusable Water Bottle – As the Bath Half is going plastic free I’ve picked up a small soft flask that fits comfortably in my hand, when both full and empty, so I’ll want to bring that along with me.
  13. Fuel – With it being a half marathon I’m likely to want to take on board some kind of food throughout the run, whether my body knows it or not. Currently I’ve been struggling to find a product that sits well in my stomach during runs. The gels provided on route are ones that I won’t be having, unless I want to feel sick for the rest of the race! I’ll bring a mix of dates and Kendall Mint Cake with me and just see what happens on the day. It might be that I just snack before the race and then again after.
  14. Electrolyte Tablet – In line with the above item, I’m unlikely to be able to take on too much fuel so having another source of energy should prove useful should I start fatiguing early.
  15. Race number – Don’t forget this!
  16. Tracking Chip – Put it onto the running trainers before you leave, then you’ve got them.
  17. Large Water Bottle – This is to be stored in my bag and drank after the event when I’m likely to be a little dehydrated.
  18. Jumper – To pop on as soon as I’ve got my bag back in order to stay warm and not cool down too quickly.
  19. Old/Second Hand Jumper – To put on whilst I’m in the start pen, as this could be an hour wait before we actually start running.
  20. Phone (and Phone holder) – This will need to be on my arm I think in order to play music.
  21. Rain Coat – Because British weather can never be predicted.

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