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RADanceFitness: 2018 January Exams

In January many of the students, at Exe Dance Arts, that I teach took part in an IDTA exam sessions. For most this was their first exam sessions. There were many other teachers that took part in this exam session and I hope everyone’s results were great! For me I had students doing both Freestyle and Musical Theatre exams. The morning was great and everyone did so well, the examiner has given us such great scores, and now everyone’s been told their results I will share them here too.


Our group of first time exam goers did so well! They all got scores above 80 in their one-dance freestyle medal test. Results are as follows:

DB – 86

SH – 86

EW – 87

IM – 87

SN – 87

BM – 88

GB – 88

These are impressive results especially as some have only been dancing for a term!

The seniors did both Musical Theatre and Freestyle. For our Silver Freestyle medal there was a score of 90 for HB, and the Star 1 exam and impressive score of 92 by MP. The group also achieved a great score for their Stage 6 Musical Theatre Exam, getting a score of 93 out of 100! Such a great result for all their hard work.

Now we’ve got a show to work towards, so keep up the hard work so all the parents can see how good you dance!


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