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Development Series: Holiday Activities

As you read this, I'm not resting as I usually would be over a school holiday. Instead I've will be mid-way through my first Dance Camp. Many schools may already provide these at their dance school and so may not be surprised that I'm using my holiday to create another event for the school. However,… Continue reading Development Series: Holiday Activities

Development Series, RA Dance Blog

Musical Theatre: Games

Many dancers are embarrassed to speak and act, which can make musical theatre quite laborious to teach. I've found 10 games that should help your dancers feel more comfortable with a script and improvising drama, comedy, or even romance. This in turn should help create stronger emotional performances that connect with the audience.

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Musical Theatre: Go to songs – Part One

I love teaching musical theatre. Getting children, who are traditionally dancers, a little out of their comfort zone and having to act, really brings out a different side to them. Ultimately I hope that this makes them better well rounded dancers, able to perform and engage with the audience on another level. As much as… Continue reading Musical Theatre: Go to songs – Part One