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Monthly Miles Round Up – June 2019

This is hard month of running share with you. Mainly as there isn't much for me to share. I had a couple of weeks where I simply just didn't want to run. Overall I did about half the amount of running as I did last month, many of which were slower than my times for… Continue reading Monthly Miles Round Up – June 2019

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23 Things I’ve Learnt About Running

This week I turned 23 and started thinking that this past year has been the one where I would start I would start classing myself as a runner. Somewhere between leaving school, graduating university and becoming a freelance dance teacher, I've found time to add running to my list of hobbies. I'm still in the… Continue reading 23 Things I’ve Learnt About Running

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Welcoming Well-Being: How Dance can help the brain.

Dance can help change the brain. This statement seems sweeping and unfounded, and yet it is true. Much like how our life experiences change the brain, dance can also. I've previously written about how dance can help those with Parkinson's, a neurological condition that can also affect the mental health of a patient (Read More… Continue reading Welcoming Well-Being: How Dance can help the brain.

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Dance and Smoking

There are a few misconceptions within the society that we live in. Not least that those who are highly active, athletes and dancers to name a few professions, are somehow more virtuous than the rest of us. In 2015 Eric Underwood, then a Royal Ballet soloist, with the help of the Telegraph wanted to change… Continue reading Dance and Smoking