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Let’s Talk About Running Motivation

Most runners want to get out there and run further or faster. But in order to do this you need a certain level of motivation, to both go out for runs, and to do the right training. Additionally many runners, may also be trying to eat a little healthier or stick to a set diet… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Running Motivation

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23 Things I’ve Learnt About Running

This week I turned 23 and started thinking that this past year has been the one where I would start I would start classing myself as a runner. Somewhere between leaving school, graduating university and becoming a freelance dance teacher, I've found time to add running to my list of hobbies. I'm still in the… Continue reading 23 Things I’ve Learnt About Running

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Teaching Tips: How to Inspire Children to Dance

By no means am I, yet, an expert on this topic. I'm creating this post mainly as an exploration for myself and a reminder to try many of these ideas. As you teach you become aware that not everyone is motivated to learn, and as the teacher it is your job to help inspire them… Continue reading Teaching Tips: How to Inspire Children to Dance