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Weekly Training 2020 – #34

One of these days my intro is going to be full of good news, that training went extremely well and I did everything exactly as planned. HA, today as you may have guessed is not that day. I pretty much did everything just not quite as planned. Next week I have hopes to complete everything though.

MONDAY: 6km (35mins) + 3km
Monday started pretty well, I went out with my partner before 7am and ran 3km with him, before breakfast. Then a little later I went out for my own planned run of 35 minutes. I managed to run 6km during the run in total which meant I was going at quite a good pace overall. I didn’t do anything fancy during the run, just planned to go at the same pace throughout.

TUESDAY: 14km (Cycle Commute)
Today I was back into one of my work spaces, teaching dance over in Taunton. The whole day was spent on my feet demonstrating moves and assisting the students. On top of this I also cycled to the station and venue. These were just nice short cycles, going straight up the hill on the way home.

This is where the plan started to fall apart. I woke up with hamstrings that were really really aching due to all the stretching and exercise I did the day before. I figured the best thing to do was just to rest, do a little bit of foam rolling and shift the plan a little, doing it the next day.

THURSDAY: 6.3km (Walked)
I moved the previous days 45 minute run over to today and went out in the morning fully intending to do it. 300m into the run and my hamstrings were painful with every single step, so I chose to scrap it and walk instead. As it was I was going to a friends in the evening anyway, so walked over there which took a little over an hour. There is no way that doing the walk ‘makes up’ for not doing the run, but the challenge at the moment is to do the time on feet.

Another run with my partner, we knew the wind was going to be bad but the weather was just going to get worse throughout the day. So at 7:10am we headed out, and gosh was the wind strong. It took a lot out of my partner trying to run against the wind, so it was a little bit slower than his best time. We’ve gone down to just two runs a week for him as his legs weren’t quite recovering in the time between. At the moment we’re debating whether to keep in a speed work session or do two gentle runs every week. This week was two gentle.

SATURDAY: 5.8km (35 minutes)
I broke this run down into two parts. The first part was a nice and relaxed 5km, not going for any specific time just under about 30 minutes. The next part was 6x100m sprints along the path near my house. I do these at the end to try and work on speed and running form. Who knows if they will help or not? Between each sprint I wait around until I feel recovered enough to do another run. Typically this is between 30 seconds and a minute. On this day I think I would have had enough time for 8 sprints but on the 6th my legs felt so heavy during the least 30m that I decided they had given up and doing more would just make me suffer, which after having 3 days of aching hamstrings wasn’t something I wanted to be doing.

SUNDAY: 5.3km (60 minutes) + 6km Walk
So 5.3km in 60 minutes, doesn’t sound a lot, right? That is mainly because it isn’t. I did this ‘run’ on the treadmill but there were so many things that kept going wrong during it that I just struggled to stay motivated. It took my about 5 attempts to log into Zwift and connect my foot pod to track my distance, then my iPad died which was playing videos), the camera angle became unhelpful, and it was just so hot in house to keep running. I did about 30 minutes of running, before switching over to walking with an 8% incline. At 40 minutes I called it quits as my laptop was struggling with Zwift and I just wasn’t too motivated to keep going. I chalk this one up to a weird week. Earlier on in the day I had gone out with Bradley to do a walk over to the nearby retail park to pick up some bits and pieces, helping give him a little more time on his feet too.

Do you ever feel some weeks that your body just doesn’t want to play nice with you? That’s pretty much how it felt to me this week. I had all the plans but none of the gear to keep them on schedule. Hold me accountable to the next week of training by following me on Strava, Instagram, or Youtube.

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