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What to listen to whilst running

Everyone has a preference about how they run. Some will prefer the silence of running without music, or conversations, others though will find it more motivating having something else to engage with as you run.When I first started running about 4 years ago I would run along to music, but within the last year or… Continue reading What to listen to whilst running

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Running Review: On CloudFlow

I recently spoke about what to look for in a shoe as I was on the hunt for a new pair of shoes. After writing the post and having a little look at various different running websites and comparing the prices etc. I went with a pair of On CloudFlow shoes. Here’s what I’ve been… Continue reading Running Review: On CloudFlow

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Run Training: Hot Weather Runs

The weather in the UK has been unusually warm recently and, with it getting towards summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s likely to stay. I am not one for running in warm weather, I find it so uncomfortable. There’s probably a lot more runners like me out there so I thought I would share a… Continue reading Run Training: Hot Weather Runs

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Training Talk: Hill Reps

If you've done a bit of running you may have noticed that hills can be quite hard. Most advice for getting better at running up hills is to run up hills. This can take many forms, it may be choosing a hilly route to run regularly, or doing hill reps. For this most I'm going… Continue reading Training Talk: Hill Reps