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Monthly Miles Round Up – June 2019

This is hard month of running share with you. Mainly as there isn’t much for me to share. I had a couple of weeks where I simply just didn’t want to run. Overall I did about half the amount of running as I did last month, many of which were slower than my times for May. I’m trying to look on the positive, I still got out there and did some runs. I didn’t hit my monthly miles goal, which I’m trying to hold as a minimum standard, so it is hard at the moment to be optimistic.

So what happened?
Once again this month I got ill, a summer cold this time, due to the ever changing weather here in the UK. This took me out for about a week, as I simply couldn’t do too much exercise before finding it hard to breath. I then got better, but my motivation just wasn’t there and I felt super sluggish. If I’m allowed to make another excuse, work also became a little stressful as the dance school I work at had it’s annual show.

My goal for this month was to get back into training for the next event that I’ve got coming up in the middle of July. This abstract distant goal hasn’t really helped motivate me, as I’m not as fired up having just earned a new 10km record and now just feeling like I need a bit of a rest. Part of me also knows that I hate running in the heat, so the minute I look outside and see full beams of sunlight, my body just says no. I have pre-empted this though, and so any missed miles from this month have been covered by the extra miles done in January.

While this seems a little pointless I’ll continue with the format of the previous months, so here’s what I planned to do:

  • Week 1 (w/c 3rd): Intervals 1:1/9km
  • Week 2 (w/c 10th): 5km/8km Hills/Run Commute/Tempo 5km/9km
  • Week 3 (w/c 17th): 5km/12km/Run Commute/Intervals 1:1/5km
  • Week 4 (w/c 24th): 10km/8km Hills/Run Commute/Tempo 5km/5km

As I said in the intro, I didn’t get on very well. Most of my runs this week were less than what I intended, or just non-existent. This is how little I really did:

  • Week 1 (w/c 3rd): 9km
  • Week 2 (w/c 10th): 5km/Run Commute/7.7km
  • Week 3 (w/c 17th): 5km/5km
  • Week 4 (w/c 24th): 6.5km/10km

Of my goal of 84km I managed about 80% of that.

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