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Toddler Ballet Syllabi

There are so many franchises offering lesson plans and syllabus for you to use to help build pre-ballet classes. However many of these require certain rules in which you need to follow, and costs that need to be paid to them. When you're a dance teacher with accreditation through an organisation you are probably already… Continue reading Toddler Ballet Syllabi

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Step Progressions: Ronds de Jambe en l’air

As part of training dancers we look to find movements that build up, getting a little harder with each graduation. Most steps have a natural to get further, doing the step in the air perhaps, adding in a double or triple. Other moves can be a little harder to spot what moves can come from this simple step. Today I'm examining the Ronds de Jambe en L'air step that is most common done at the barre.

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One Move at a Time: Beats (or more formally entrechat)

Jumping has long been one of my favourite parts of dance class. Not because I'm good at it, I have a habit of not using my plié as much as I should that I'm trying not to pass on to my student. But just because I enjoy it. Jumping forms the basis of many moves,… Continue reading One Move at a Time: Beats (or more formally entrechat)