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The Importance of CPD in Dance Teachers

I'm relatively new in my profession as a dance teacher and as such am still learning. Always finding a new tip here or there and thinking about the next qualification to gain. On top of this, I love seeing what other teachers are up to and what they're teaching different age ranges. As I get more confident in my own teaching though, I don't want this level of intrigue to stop as I feel it is a very important part of being a dance teacher. Many professions have this elusive thing called CPD, often it's tied in with their jobs as they try to get a higher position in the company, or their job role changes. Dance teaching is no different, however there often isn't the incentive to go out their and do more training.

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Reflecting on Dance Events: IDTA London Seminar 2018

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attended my first IDTA London Seminar. This is a little gathering of teachers of all styles, to talk about different elements of the syllabus and take part in workshops. Both sides of the IDTA were there, both Ballroom and Theatre. Whilst my qualification resides in the Ballroom branch,… Continue reading Reflecting on Dance Events: IDTA London Seminar 2018