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Run Training: Hot Weather Runs

The weather in the UK has been unusually warm recently and, with it getting towards summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s likely to stay. I am not one for running in warm weather, I find it so uncomfortable. There’s probably a lot more runners like me out there so I thought I would share a few things I’ve picked up to make it a little more bearable.

The most obvious tip is to run when it isn’t as hot outside. I’m a morning runner so during the summer I run pretty much as soon as I wake, which during summer is often before 7am. It can be a little chilly in the morning but that does mean there’s less people about on your smaller running paths, which is great for this time. Running during the evenings will also give you a relief from the warm sun during the main part of the day. Just watch out you don’t go out too close to a meal.

With the weather being sunnier, you’re going to sweat a lot more. This means it is important to hydrate before and after (maybe even during) your run. Make sure that you have drunk recently and then replenish your water levels afterwards. If your already drinking more than 2 litres a day you won’t really have too much need to be so quick with drinking as your body will already be holding a lot of water stores. If you don’t drink that much, you’re more likely to feel a benefit. When you are drinking afterwards consider drinking a room temperature glass of water or some milk. Both of these options rehydrate you a little bit better than the cold glass of water you’d really like to have.

Wear good shorts. This tip perhaps won’t be for everyone, but probably the majority. I have wide thighs, always have always will, and during summer when there’s no material on them they tend to rub. There are lots of creams, and balms that aim to sort this problem out and other rubbing parts, but I find that they don’t absorb very well so it just gets even warmer than it should be. The best solution I’ve found is just to wear shorts that don’t give me that problem, no little tiny shorts for me.

Talking about sticky things, my next tip is a little controversial. I don’t tend to run with sun cream on. It’s another thing that just leaves a layer on my body that makes me feel super uncomfortable as I run. I’m really bad at remember to put it on more than 2 minutes before I want to go out the door. I make sure at other times I’m out I have it on, so I shouldn’t burn too much. But during runs I tend to just go without, which isn’t too much of a problem when I’m out running in the morning.

During summer I see lots of people out in really nice running vests. They’re great in the sense that you get limited tan lines. Every time I’ve tried running in one of these though I inevitably start chaffing on the inside of my arm. Racing singlet with their bigger arm holes have proved to be the worst, as they allow my arms to rub against a little bit of skin. Instead I’m still out running in my short sleeved t-shirts that I wear during winter with a few moe layers.

I’ve spoken before about how I struggle with nutrition during the run, usually opting for homemade energy balls. These are great during the winter when I’m running far enough to warrant a food break. But during the summer they get warm rather quickly so the dates get even more sticky than they should be. Not the best thing to have in your pocket. Here’s where I admit I don’t really have a solution to this and instead just don’t run that far during the summer. I guess if I were to offer my advice for those who dislike gels, it would be run with a little rucksack. That will at least keep any food a little further from your bod heat, but it isn’t the best solution. So any tips from you readers would be great for this!

I hope you’ve picked up something that may help you during summer running. I’ve been running a little less frequently than usual but I’m still posting over on Strava and Instagram.

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