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Monthly Miles Round Up – June 2019

This is hard month of running share with you. Mainly as there isn't much for me to share. I had a couple of weeks where I simply just didn't want to run. Overall I did about half the amount of running as I did last month, many of which were slower than my times for… Continue reading Monthly Miles Round Up – June 2019

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Monthly Miles Round Up – May 2019

This is a little bit late as we're already in June but today I'm rounding out my runs for May and sharing them with you. I've also done round ups for March and April if you'd like to see a little bit more of my running journey. I had one goal for May, and that… Continue reading Monthly Miles Round Up – May 2019

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Monthly Miles Round Up – March 2019

I thought it was important to share the training that I've been doing in order to progress. Not only to try and give myself a little more accountability to running, but also to share with you the truth that may or may not come across on other outlets. I've recently found that my instagram is full of running photos, and not a lot else. I've been trying to force myself not to share run picture after run picture, but am finding that a little difficult. There's a couple of reasons for this, the first that the weather hasn't been amazing recently and so I've been trying to limit my time spent outside, the second running really has been the only real 'instagrammable' part of my life recently between commuting and work there's only been running, thirdly I've been trying new routes and sessions in my running recently that has inspired me to share and I've been doing so on my instagram. Because of this it may seem like I've been running way more than I actually have!

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Dance on the Brain: Dizziness

We all have our own perception of what dizziness actually is. The word itself is used to describe a variety of bodily sensations that many patients cannot accurately relay to those treating them (Sloane, et al., 2001). When using the word dizzy many of us tend to be describing the continued sense of spinning, despite… Continue reading Dance on the Brain: Dizziness